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Rachel Ng

Manager / In-House Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Rachel knows the importance of staying fit and active. She thrives on adrenaline and often seen as one of the hardest workers in and outside of the gym when it comes to health and fitness. She brings along a wealth of tips and strategies to get to where you want to be. She is the prime example of when you say you are going to do something, you will commit to it!

As a trainer there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone to be the best version of themselves. She will help you reach your highest potential to become happier, healthier, stronger and more confident!


Claira Lee

In-House Personal Trainer

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Claira is a trainer that tries to bring out the best in you. She is fun, motivating and keeps you accountable to your goals. This pint size warrior will craft out ideas that are suited towards your lifestyle by always taking into consideration how the trainee feels about their progress and the program. 


Hanzel Chua

In-House Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Hanzel’s journey as a trainer at TMV started after a successful Project X as a trainee herself at the same gym. Being scrawny & small most of her life, Hanzel was amazed by her own 10 week transformation & now vows to share the wonders that diet & nourishment can do for our bodies, aside from an exercise plan. 

With more than a decade in sports, education & coaching, Hanzel is very result-driven & aims to achieve your desired fitness goals with just a 1 hour per day commitment. Your toned body, renewed confidence & radiance will be her greatest reward.


Benjamin Lim

Freelance Personal Trainer

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Ben is a fun and engaging trainer whom aims to keep fitness interesting for you. He will consistently push you and innovate a variety of workout programs to challenge you and bring you to the next level.